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Best of Music Lovers Vol. 2

Mashub – Best of Music Lovers Vol. 2

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These Cybergirls and International models are making sweet, sweet music in this week’s Mashup — but more importantly, they’re inviting you to the show. First up we have the totally sexy and sensual Cybergirl, Hailey Lynzz. Dressed in all red lingerie and a sheer black dress, Hailey heads to her white grand piano. Planning an evening of seduction, Hailey winks at the camera and bites her lip signaling she may not even get to the piano playing. Before you know it, she’s taking off pieces of lingerie for all her fans. “I love this look. It’s super classy and my bra really accentuates my boobs,” she giggles. “My best assets are my boobs. I should show you why—they’re all-natural,” she says taking off her bra. We couldn’t agree more, Miss Lynzz. Next up, we have Canadian cutie, Lauren Lee. Embracing her inner rock-star, Lauren is dressed in all black leather. You’ll love her all natural figure, slender frame, and totally sultry gaze. Soon enough, she’s jamming on her guitar totally naked.

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